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1. Amazing (Intro)

2. Energy

3. On The Line

4. Problem (ft. V:RGO)

5. Immune

6. Pojar

7. Don't Go Back



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за мен

за мен

In 2019 her single “Lo6 Navik” (“Bad Habbit”) entered the Viral 50 Spotify chart. 

In 2022 her summer single “Cyala Nosht” (“Whole Night”) reached Top 9 in the Prophon Radio Airplay and stayed there for two weeks. 

In recognition of her growing prominence, Preyah won ‘Best Debut’ at the 2015 359hiphop Awards, and followed that up with two BG Radio Awards nominations – for ‘Best Debut’ in 2015 and ‘Best Duet/Trio’ in 2016. She is a two-time nominee for the annual Bulgarian Woman of the Year award, making the shortlist in both 2014 and 2016, and finally won the award in 2019.
In addition to music, Preyah has acted on stage as part of theatre and musical plays, made appearances on several celebrity TV shows, has worked as a mentor and vocal coach at Voice Academy and studied Advertising to complement her musical journey. 

In the beginning of 2018 Preyah made the bold decision to become a self-produced artist. She released up her debut LP in the spring of 2019. The self-titled album finds Preyah experimenting with various musical styles, while reaching out to fellow artists in search of mutual inspiration. From the hazy beat fusions of “Ne Sum Za Tuk” (“I Don’t Belong”), featuring Sofia hip-hop authority JLUCH, to the sultry seduction of “Losh Navik” (“Bad Habit”), it was a long-awaited return for one of Bulgaria’s most dynamic and charismatic artists.

In 2019 Preyah released "Energy" - an EP about self-exploration, growth and unspoken feelings.  Boosted by outstanding production from Denis Popstoev, ‘Energy’ showcases a dazzling fusion of 2000s R&B and contemporary sound, yet remains true to Preyah’s signature style as evident by the EP’s first single - ‘Pozhar’ (‘Fire’). This was followed in April by ‘On The Line’. Energy’s title track serves as a reminder of the importance of our background and how it can give us a much needed lift, pushing us to new horizons. ‘Problem’ is without a doubt one of the highlights of the EP, and features the famous Bulgarian rapper V:RGO in a blend that surprised fans of both artists.  

Now, in an attempt for deeper self-exploration Preyah is working on her third studio album - a fusion between afropop and balkan vibes, the fusion she herself represents. This is exactly what makes this future record and the artist so unique - the mix of these two different cultures and sonic universes that excites all of the senses and feeds the listeners with an array of emotions they have never experienced before.

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